söndag 23 december 2012

Christmas Soaps

Gunry makes soaps with lots of different scents.
This christmas, they have outdone themselves and given us three different christmas soaps!
They come in Candy Cane, Orange/Carnation and Gingerbread.

Candy Cane

This soap is white.
It would have been a lot nicer if it would have been striped white/red, but i do not know if that is even possible.
The art on the packaging is very nice.
Bells, some christmas tree branches, a candy cane and some candy cane caramels.
It has a nice minty candy cane scent.


I do not know if the practice of putting carnation in oranges is very big outside of Sweden, but here it is.
When you are done, you hang the orange/carnation/abomination in a window and it gives of a pleasant scent.
The packaging on this soap is also nice.
With a orange/carnation/combination and some snowflakes.
The scent was unfortunately a letdown.
It smells like regular orange soap.


Last but not least we have the gingerbread scented soap.
The box has some mistletoe and snowflakes.
And of course a gingerb... Wait, is that the Gingerbread man from Shrek?
It sure looks like it.
That is kind o weird, but he is a gingerbread man so lets roll with it.
The soap itself is a nice shade of brown.
It has a smell of baked goods.
Not so much of gingerbread, maybey a little.

I can not decide which soap is the winner.
The Candy Cane has the best scent but the gingerbread has the best colour and packaging.
I guess it is a tie.

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