lördag 8 december 2012

Kiviks Musteri - Tranbärsglögg Med Smak Av Ingefära

Last but not least, santa has brought us some Cranberry glögg with ginger flavouring.
Cranberrys and glögg? Could this be?
Cranberrys are not that big here Sweden, we prefer lingonberry that grows naturally here.
But ginger is a christmas flavour and that might be what makes it work.

It smells a lot like classic glögg with a hint of ginger.
It also has a taste similar to classic glögg.
The only differens is that it feels a bit more dry and has a hint of berrys.
My girlfriend summed it up pretty well.
"It tastes and smells like christmas".

A thing i noticed after a few swigs is that the ginger takes over, making it more spicy.
This diminishes the christmas feeling a bit, but not much.
Out of the three, this is my favorit.

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