torsdag 29 november 2012

Doritos Gourmet - Teriyaki Mayonnaise [Limited Edition]

We have here chips from Japan.
Flavoured with a classic Japanese Teriyaki flavour combined with mayonnaise.
Since I do not know Japanese, the art/text on the bag says nothing to me.
It could just as well have been chips flavoured with ranch dressing.
But I knew this when i bought them, so nevermind.

I am not all the familiar with Japanese teriyaki flavouring.
And this is fast going into weird territory.
I am not really sure I want to continue this testing session.
But I will do it for you my friends.

Teriyaki is a form of sweet soy sauce marinade.
And maybey it is supposed to smell like this but I really do not know.
It smells weird. A bit sweet. A bit like chips.

The flavour is also weird. First they do not taste like anything.
Then a sweet flavour slowly starts to appear.
Then that sweet flavour mixes with another flavour (mayonnaise perhaps?).
And that is when they start to taste disgusting.
And then it mixes again and they taste a bit sweet again and it tastes ok again.
So to recap:
"These does not taste like anything, scratch that, they are sweet, but what happens now? Eeeew! This is horrible, ohh, they are sweet again? Sure i will have another."

I would not call these good nor bad.
Interesting is the word i want to use.

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