torsdag 29 november 2012

Doritos Gourmet - Teriyaki Mayonnaise [Limited Edition]

We have here chips from Japan.
Flavoured with a classic Japanese Teriyaki flavour combined with mayonnaise.
Since I do not know Japanese, the art/text on the bag says nothing to me.
It could just as well have been chips flavoured with ranch dressing.
But I knew this when i bought them, so nevermind.

I am not all the familiar with Japanese teriyaki flavouring.
And this is fast going into weird territory.
I am not really sure I want to continue this testing session.
But I will do it for you my friends.

Teriyaki is a form of sweet soy sauce marinade.
And maybey it is supposed to smell like this but I really do not know.
It smells weird. A bit sweet. A bit like chips.

The flavour is also weird. First they do not taste like anything.
Then a sweet flavour slowly starts to appear.
Then that sweet flavour mixes with another flavour (mayonnaise perhaps?).
And that is when they start to taste disgusting.
And then it mixes again and they taste a bit sweet again and it tastes ok again.
So to recap:
"These does not taste like anything, scratch that, they are sweet, but what happens now? Eeeew! This is horrible, ohh, they are sweet again? Sure i will have another."

I would not call these good nor bad.
Interesting is the word i want to use.

torsdag 22 november 2012

Marabou Crunchy Corn

This flavour is new in Sweden for the 2012 autum.
Crunchy Corn could be a thanksgiving flavour?
maybe it is more of a halloween flavour, but halloween is over.
So we will have to make do with this flavour for thanksgiving.

This is a milk chocolate based bar filled with roasted crunchy corn.
Marabou used to have a chocolate bar called Amigo.
It was a milk chocolate bar filled with crunched corn chips.
I really liked that one. Will this live up to its predecessor?

Now, I do not really like roasted corn.
I think it builds up in your mouth and the aftertaste is weird.
But combined with chocolate?

It has a regular smell of Marabou chocolate.
By which I mean, it smells like chocolate, but sweeter.
There is also a secondary smell of corn.
The smell is, well, not that pleasing.

Maybey the flavour will take home the price?
Or maybe not...
I was completely sold when it comes to the Amigo version.
But here? The flavours does not mix, but then again they do.
It is like eating something good and bad at the same time.
The chocolate is good.
And the corn is good (well kinda, sometimes).
And the chocolate and the corn together is bad (but sometimes good).
You can tell I am not really clear what I think about it.

Have a great thanksgiving!

torsdag 15 november 2012

The Simpsons Melonläsk

The Bartman has his own soda? When do I get my own soda?
I don't know if this is genuine or a knock-off?
It has the Fox logo and the Simpsons logo, but one can never know.
Anyway, it is melon flavoured. Does Bart love melon that much?
He looks very thirsty on the can.
I should watch more Simpsons.

The colour is very nice.
It is very melon greenish.
It has a faint smell of melon, very sweet melon. It is faint but it is there.
The taste is kind of the same, pretty faint.
It tastes like melon, but not overwhelming.
I would have liked more taste.
Theres not much carbonation and this I like.
There are too many sodas out there with to much carbonation.
This one has a little fizz, and that is enough.

This was an ok soda but I will probably not try it again.
It does not matter how much Bart begs me to, I must stand firm in this decision.

torsdag 8 november 2012

Ragusa Jubilé

Whenever I eat Ragusa, I become nostalgic.
When I was young, long before there was a bridge between Sweden and Denmark, me and my family used to take the ferry to Dragör.
Ragusa had not yet made it to Sweden, but on the ferry you could buy it.
This made it very special and a must buy each time we took the ferry.

Ragusa is a treat.
A chocolate bar containing a hazelnut truffle filling with whole hazelnuts covered in dark chocolate.
There's a great smell of halzenuts and also a musky dark smell. It mixes well.
The most special thing about Ragusa, is its texture.
It literally starts melting as soon as you unwrap it (get ready for sticky fingers).
It continues to melt in your mouth mixing all the sweet and dark flavours.
The whole hazelnuts tops it of giving the smooth texture something cripsy.

After all these years I still love it.