torsdag 5 december 2013

Pepsi White

When you review this much goodness, you can get a bit thirsty.
Good thing the Japanese Santas over at Pepsi Japan has a Christmas themed soda.
This is a snow white, tangerine flavored soda.
What is a tangerine?
Well, it is a orange-colored citrus fruit which kind of tastes like a mandarin orange.
I can not remember if there is any difference in the taste because I have not eaten tangerine in a while.

The bottle is adorned with six different snow(wom)men.
I got a hold of the one with a snowoman that has a spiffy little hat.
She looks really happy to be on my soda today.
And I am happy to have here on this blog.
As I wrote before, the liquid is supposed to be snow white colored.
And I think it looks very cold and wintery.

The soda smells a lot of citrus fruits. It is a very refreshing smell.
It has a very citrusy taste which is also refreshing.
I do not know about other countries, but here in Sweden citrus fruits are very much Christmas.
So I think this soda is very nice to try at Christmas.

I have included a picture of all of the different bottles.

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