tisdag 11 december 2012

JuleSkum Vinteräpple 2012

Last christmas, I gave you my heart...
Ohh, sorry. Wrong track.
Last christmas, I wrote about the 2011 version of JuleSkum.
Back then it had a polka (candy cane) flavoring.
This year, the santas at Cloetta has brought us JuleSkum with a flavor of winter apples.

Being flavored that way, they have to been colored green.
Green is a christmas color (and white).
But this green is not that christmasy.
It should be more green, more christmas!

Anyway, the packaging.
The packaging is very much full of christmas.
With lots of snowy christmas trees and snowflakes.
And a generic santa that sleepily/angrily looks at a generic christmas present.
As you can tell I wanted a less generic santa.
Maybe one that juggled some apples or something.
But there is a santa and that is enought to lift my christmas spirit.

One thing that is new and pretty awesome, is that there is room for an adress and stamps.
Yes, you can send the entire package as a christmas card.
This is a very nice feature and something that more candy manufacturers should copy.

The candy itself smells like regular JuleSkum with a hint of apples.
They taste like a combination of regular JuleSkum, apples and pears.
Not really that close to real apples I am afraid.
Yesteryears polka (candy cane) version was much better.

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