torsdag 29 mars 2012

Oreo White Chocolate WaferSticks

This particular item is only found in Thailand.
I don't really know why they have choosen to make a wafer out of the classic Oreo,
but I'll go with it.
Smells like regular white chocolate.
They don't really taste like Oreos, more lika regular wafers dipped in white chocolate.
For some reason the flavours don't really mix and the taste is kind of bland.
I don't think I'll trace these down again.

torsdag 22 mars 2012

Deluxe Caramelised Onion Sweet Balsamico Crisps

Found theses at Lidl and thought, why not?
They have a very sweet intense scent, vingegar but not really vinegar.
I was expecting them to have a salty taste, but they are more sweet.
I prefer salty chips, but i guess these were ok.

torsdag 15 mars 2012

Oreo Brownies

The manufacturers must have thought:
"Well, Oreos are good and brownies are good, so why not combine them".
And I say, Why not? :)

They smell more like brownies than Oreos.
A very pleasant smell, like all you cookie monsters know.
And they taste so good! Like Oreos, but like brownies and with a cream filling.
Very thick and rich. They are just awesome.

torsdag 8 mars 2012

KitKat Hojicha Roasted Tea

Hojicha is tea flavored from roasted green tea leaves.
This is a very rare KitKat flavor that is only available in one small region of Japan!
Based on beige tea milk chocolate.
There's a distinct smell of black tea, not green which is weird.
My KitKat doesn't look very tasty, but it's only "temperature damage".
The taste... Well it's very strange. It tastes like eating tea leaves dipped in chocolate.
But, of course it doesn't feel like it, because there are no tea leaves in the chocolate.
Only waffers. It's not bad, just strange.

torsdag 1 mars 2012

Gårds Tång & Algsaltchips

I've written about Gårds chips before.
Those chips where flavoured with cheese, onion and bacon and wasn't that good. Link
These are flavoured with seaweed- and algaesalt.
Kind of a weird combination when you think about it.
They smell kind of like the sea combined with the smell och chips in general.
The salty flavour is a bit extreme. It's like when you'er out swimming and accidentally swallow some saltwater.
But not in an unpleasant way really.
Pretty nice actually.