söndag 30 november 2014

Digestive Pepparkaka

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Christmas time is here again.
And why not start the season with something easy?
With a cracker you all know, Digestive.
Now with gingerbread flavouring.

These where released last year and I think it is a great idea.
Digestive crackers are nice by themselves.
But combining them with gingerbread, that just sounds awesome.
And just look at that packaging.
It is very Christmasy.
A nice red colour palette and lots of Christmas symbols.
From snowflakes, to candy canes to christmas trees.
Something about it just screams Christmas.

They smell great!
Like a kitchen filled with newly baked gingerbread.
And who does not like that?
But what about the taste?
Well, the taste was somewhat dissapointing.
They sure tastes like gingerbread, but not really enough.
Still, these really got my Christmas feeling going.
And i thought they where a great start to the season.

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