torsdag 13 december 2012

Starbucks Christmas Lattes

I like coffee, but I do not like just black coffee.
For me it has to be a latte or a cappuccino or something similar.
And that is why I really like Starbucks.
Bacause they have different types of lattes and such.
And they have new flavours depending on the season.
Our local Starbucks has gone christmas crazy.
This year, they are offering three different christmas lattes (ok, one is a mocha).
They also get a bonus for playing christmas songs.

The sign greating you and telling you what flavours to expect is great.
The only thing I do not like, is that your coffee is not served in those lovely cups in the picture.
But nevermind that. Christmas lattes!

Gingerbread Latte
The first one is a gingerbread flavoured latte.
It has a distinct gingerbread scent and it takes you right into christmas mode.
The taste is lovely and it feels like drinking liquid gingerbread.
While still tasting like coffee mind you.

Cranberry White Mocha
Looks nothing like in the picture above, which is bad.
It smells like whipped cream and white chocolate.
Has a pretty sourish taste, like cranberry or lingonberries.
It is very sweet.

Toffee Nut Latte
This one also smells like whipped cream.
It has a kind of bitter taste to it that I do not like.
The crushed nuts are sweet and crunchy.
This was my least favourite of the three.

In the end the Gingerbread Latte is the clear winner!

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