torsdag 6 december 2012

Kiviks Musteri - Hallonglögg Med Smak Av Kardemumma

Today I wanna talk to you about mulled and spiced wine.
In Sweden, we love mulled and spiced wine and we call it Glögg, especially at christmas time.
I bought a gift pack from Kiviks Musteri containing three different versions of glögg.
Glögg is mostly served warm with raisins and almonds.

Kiviks Musteri is a big apple producer and makes everything from apple juice to apple jam.
They also make different products made from a range of different fruits and berries.
But today (and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow), we are gonna talk about glögg.

The first one is a glögg based on raspberries and spiced with cardamom.
It smells like classic glögg, but also a lot like raspberries.
The cardamom is nowhere to be smelled.
It kind of tastes like classic glögg to but with a sweet taste of raspberries.
A bit to sweet I am afraid. It is just to much like juice.
There is also a hint of cardamom, but it is weak.

More glögg tomorrow!

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