fredag 14 februari 2014

Heart Nuggets

You thought there would be no more Valentine's day products?
Even I am not that heartless.
Not when there are heart shaped chicken nuggets available.

But what can I write about nuggets?
The box is at least very Valentineish.
Red velvet and hearts all around.

The nuggets are the same chicken flavoured mixture of questionably origin as usual.
They smell the same and taste the same.
But they are heart shaped... And that is pretty awesome.

Once again... Have a happy Valentine's day.

Gnaw - The Love Bar

Today is Valentine's day.
A day historically remembered for the Christian martyrs sacrificing themselves for their beliefs.
Many of them had the name Valentine and that is why we turned it into an epic love fest.

As you can tell, I am not that fond of Valentine's day.
But nevertheless... Traditions are traditions.
From the chocolate factory in Gnorfolk, we have The Love Bar.
Basically an white chocolate bar with chevy candy hearts.

I think the packaging is pretty nice.
It is a bit subtle because not all people connect Venice with romance and love.
The chocolate has a smell of white chocolate but there the hearts does not smell like anything.
It tastes like regular white chocolate and the hearts does not taste that much.
Pretty bland if you ask me.

Have a nice Valentine's day.

torsdag 6 februari 2014

Pepsi EX Extra

Wow, I should rename this blogg to "On Hiatus..."
Has it been a month already?
I guess i needed a break, but have no fear, we are back.

And what better way to start this blogg year with some caffeine.
This is Pepsi Japans latest entry on the energy drink market.
I have previously written about the Pepsi Energy Cola.
Back then I thought it was an ok energy drink but with an weird after taste.
This time, I am trying the Pepsi EX Extra.

It is an 200ml can of soda, that packs the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee.
The can is very much Pepsi, with a giant logo and that blue Pepsi color.
With the previous product, they went with a golden can.
I think I like this version better, the Pepsi can should be blue.

It has a similar taste as the PEC, but with a bit more Pepsi flavouring in it.
I like this one better, it does not have that weird after taste.
It is more like an over caffeinated Pepsi.