torsdag 19 december 2013

Apotekarnes Årsmust 2013 [Limited Edition]

I know what I said... No more beverages.
But I could not resist this one.
In Sweden we drink a lot of julmust during Christmas.
I do not know how to translate julmust.
The best i found was carbonated Christmas cordial (or sap).
It is a soft drink made from hop and malt extract and different spices.
It is said that only two people know the entire original recipe.

Anyway, this is a vintage limited edition with a special flavoring.
This year, the flavoring is dark chocolate.
Dark chocolate is something I am not that fond of.
At least not when eating it straight up.
So this should be interesting.

It smells like regular julmust.
Which is a sweet smell with a faint smell of beer in the background.
At first it does taste like regular julmust.
But after a while, the flavor transforms.
The taste becomes darker.
There is definitely a chocolate flavor.
It is not totally like dark chocolate.
More like light dark chocolate if that is a thing.
It is actually quite lovely.
Christmas must is a Christmas must!

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