tisdag 18 december 2012

Wonka SweetTarts Merry Mix

At first I was not gonna write about this package.
It is supposed to be a christmas version of the popular candy from Wonka (Nestlé).
But it is kind of bland.
Sure, they have added the name "Merry Mix" and some snowflakes.

The box also states that Wonka himself sends us his greetings.
But Wonka is a man of taste, of style.
He would not stand for such an easy "fix".

No, the merry part comes when you open the box and get a look at the candy.
The candy comes in two colors, christmasy red and green.
And also in different variations.
There are snow men, christmas trees and bells.
And they are pretty merry.

There is no change in the flavor of the candy.
It is still pretty sour and it does not smell like anything in particular.

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