fredag 7 december 2012

Kiviks Musteri - Äppleglögg Med Smak Av Kanel Och Vanilj

Yesterday I wrote about glögg based on raspberries.
Today, we have a bottle of glögg based on apples flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla.
Glögg based on apples, is more common than glögg based on raspberries.

This should be good, after all... Kiviks Musteri knows its apples.
It has a very distinct smell of ripe apples.
Among all that apple scent, there is also a sweet scent of vanilla.
The cinnamon is nowhere to be smelled.

This glögg is very sweet, kind of like warm apple juice.
To much like apple juice in fact.
The taste of apples completely removes all hints of vanilla and cinnamon.
Or maybe it is just me being a bit sad that it was more lika apple juice than apple glögg.

If yesterdays raspberrie glögg was a bit like classic glögg (only sweeter). Then todays apple glögg is as far away from classic glögg as you can get. Will tomorrows glögg take home the price?

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