torsdag 2 augusti 2012

Oreo Soft Cookies Lemon Ice Cream

I love the fact that someone came up with the idea of combining Oreo cookies and ice cream.
I've written about ice cream Oreos before: Oreo Green Tea Ice Cream.
Those had expired and didn't really taste anything.
Let's see if these taste better shall we?

Oreos generally comes in a hard cookie type but there are also soft cookie versions available.
This is one of the latter, with two soft cookies and lemon ice cream cream in the middle.

The texture of the soft cookies, is of course, more chewy than the hard ones.
They actually smell like lemon ice cream, maybey a bit chemical.
They taste lemony, but not really like lemon ice cream.
It's more like lemon water or something like it.
Still the taste is good, but the aftertaste... Not as good.
It tastes like lemon cough drops and is pretty disgusting.
It also lingers in your mouth (troath) for a long time after you've eaten the cookies.

The packaging is pretty nice, not that special... But still nice.
So, points for scent and just trying a combination of cookies and ice cream, but not for taste.

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