torsdag 31 maj 2012

Oreo Green Tea Ice Cream

Ok, this is gonna be a weird one...
Unfortunately, these have passed their date of expiry (by quite a lot).
But for the sake of trying, i still tried one of them.

I like their style! More Oreoes that are supposed to taste lika ice cream.
They don't really smell much, maybey a very faint smell of mint,
as is the case with ice cream-flavoured Oreos for some reason.
I think the fact that the cakes have passed their date of expiry has made them loose all taste.
Because, I can't taste anything, except a faint, faint, faint minty taste.
Would be fun to test them when they haven't expired.

torsdag 24 maj 2012

KitKat Citrus

This KitKat is a regional limited edition from Shikoku, Japan.
It's flavoured not only with orange, but also with lemon and lime.
Upon opening the package, there's an incredible scent of citrus fruits.
Almost like the scent you get from cleaning products.
It sounds weird, I know. But it's more pleasant than it soundas.

It's based on white chocolate coloured orange (yey!).
The taste is very pleasant, lots of citrus flavour.
Both fresh orange, sour lemon and sweet lime at the same time.
I like it. It's kinda refreshing and you almost forget that you're eating a choco bar.

torsdag 17 maj 2012

Charleston Chews Mini

The Charleston Chew was created in 1922 and was namned after the popular Charleston dance. :)
It's a flavoured nougat covered in milk chocolate. Which by now seems to be a standard when it comes to chocolate bars.
These are a miniversion of the candy bar and there are plenty of mini chews in the box.

In other words, great for sharing. It has been in my refrigerator for a while now.
Therefore they seem to have lost all of their scent. But candy is still candy.
And this is a candy blogg, therefore we eat all of our candy.
Despite the lack of scent, they still tastes great. Chewy and nice.

torsdag 10 maj 2012

KitKat Blueberry Cheesecake

More KitKat blueberry goodness! Or?
I liked the previos blueberry KitKat, but this one... Not so much.
It doesn't really smell like more than regular white chocolate.
Which is a bummer, because the blueberry one smelled a lot better.
The taste is also kind of strange, more white chocolate than cheesecake,
but more cheesecake than blueberry.
Still, it's not disgusting.

torsdag 3 maj 2012

Blu Energy Drink Lemon/Lime

I tried to find out where this energy drink originally comes from,
but their websites doesn't give much information, or I'm just tired.
What we can say is that it looks absolutely toxic.
The pictures doesn't really show how toxic it looks.
It has a nice smell of lime, not the chemical version mind you.
Almost as if you had squeezed a real lime into the glass.
The taste is also very limey and really refreshing.
I know there are lots of other flavours, but I can't find them here. :(