torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Japp Hazelnut [Limited Edition]

Sweden is starting to get it.
Chocolate should come in lots of different flavors and special/limited editions.
The regular Japp consists of chocolate marange and soft fudge covered in milk chocolate and it has been the same since it was released in 1947.
It was originaly supposed to be called Japs, which was short for Japanese during World War 2.
Thankfully they chose to drop the S and use another P.
Anyway, this isn't about the original Japp, this is about the Limited Edition with hazelnut.

Everyone likes Hazelnut?
The correct answer is: Nutella is made from hazelnuts...

It doesn't really smell like hazelnut, I think the chocolate is the prominent smell here.
It tastes like the regular Japp, but it also has a nutty flavor and an after taste of Nutella.
It's really a great and lovely taste.
There's nothing more to say, if you can get your hands on this version of the Japp, do it...
Buy as many as you can. They are really good.

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