tisdag 4 december 2012

Santa's Coal Giga Bites

If you are naughty, Santa is sure to bring you coal for christmas instead of presents.
Well, I guess coal could be considered a present depending on where in the world you live.
This year, I have apparently been very naughty, because I got a whole train load of coal.
Fourtunately for me, this coal has a flavour of blue raspberry (artificially of course).

The train itself is made of cardboard and is really nice.
A happy santa operates the train and it is very jolly.
I will probably use this train as a decoration.
The "coal", is tiny pieces of chewy candy.

I do not think the coal smells like anything.
But I would rather like them to smell like nothing than of real coal.
That would be off-putting it they did.
I must admit that I have never tasted blue raspberries.
As far as I know, they are not indigenous to my country.
But the candy has a taste similar to raspberries.
I prefer to eat this coal than to eat real coal.

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