torsdag 24 oktober 2013

Halloween Nuggets

These have haunted my fridge for what feels like an eternity.
I finally got tired of the moaning.
It was really making the other foods distraught.
So I thought... It will be Halloween soon.
Why not eat some zombie chicken nuggets?

Judging from the box, the scarecrow watches over the zombie chickens until they are ripe.
He loves his job. Why would he not?
He gets to kick zombie chickens around all day.
I guess his master in the castle has a craving for zombie chickens.
Who here does not have such cravings?
The cat looks a bit embarrassed, maybe he walked in to the wrong box.

There are nine zombie chicken nuggets in the box.
All shaped like objects of Halloween.
We have six ghosts, two pumpkins and a bat.
The bat is my favorite.
He is the king of the Halloween nuggets.

Really, they are just regular chicken nuggets.
They smell and taste like regular chicken nuggets.
So there is nothing to worry about.
Except, they are zombie chicken nuggets!
Who wants to eat you!
Eat or be eaten!

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