fredag 28 september 2012

Maltesers Shake 'n' Snack

It's Thursday, not Friday... It's Thursday, not Friday... It's Thursday, not Friday...
This post was supposed to be up yesterday. I simply had to much to do, to have the time to write about epic candy.
But today I'm back with a vengeance! A sweet snacky vengeance.
Today, I bring you a really healthy snack (not really).
I bring you the Malteser Shake 'n' Snack.
A Chocolate Milkshake and Maltesers Combo (just like it says on the packaging).

This snack consists of a plastic cup, with a plastic lid and a small box of Maltesers.
The idea is to pull of the foil wrap and pour the Maltesers into the milkshake.
Then put the plastic lid back on to the cup and shake.
This is supposed to mix the liquid with the balls, but really... They're just floating around.

The Maltesers taste like, well, Maltesers. If you haven't tried them, do.
Now, I don't generally like chocolate milkshake. But this one is different.
It tastes more like liquid chocolate pudding and chocolate pudding is always nice to eat.

Also, after you put the balls in the liquid, I think it's unfair to call it a milkshake.
You're supposed to be able to drink a milkshake through a straw.
How are you supposed to suck the Maltesers balls through a straw. This baffles me. I choose to eat it with a spoon instead.

It smells like regular chocolate milk which is a pretty nice smell.
The combination of chocolate milkshake/pudding/milk and Maltesers is pretty great.
If you can get over the fact that you have to ingest it with a spoon.

What about the packaging? It's nice.
It's very much like a regular Malteser packaging.
Also, you can remove the papper/graphics part for safe keeping.

All in all, it's a great and fun snack.

torsdag 20 september 2012

Yorkie Raisins And Biscuits

First created in 1976 Eric Nicoli, the Yorkie is aimed at men.
Which you can see by their slogan, "It's not for girls!".
This has gotten people with to much time on their hands something to do, calling a choclate bar sexist.
Come on people, it's a gimmick.

The Yorkie is available in a range of different flavours, but this particular one is raisins and biscuits.
It has a smell of regular milk chocolate.
Tastes like it to, kind of like Toblerone.
I've tasted the plain version of the Yorkie as well, and it's kind of plain and boring.
This one is a lot better. The raisins give it flavour and the biscuits make it chunkier.
The packaging is kind of cool, with the O replaced by a no-girls-allowed-sign, enhancing their slogan.

And yes, I shared this with a girl...

onsdag 19 september 2012

Celebrating With Twinkies!

I've wanted to write about Twinkies for a while now.
And what day could be better than my one year anniversary.
Yes, my friends... This blogg has now been alive for one year, giving its owner a sugar rush to last a lifetime.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank all of my readers and i pledge go give you at least one more year of sugary
Back to the Twinkies.
Most people have heard about Twinkies from movies and such but haven't actually tried them.
From Die hard to Richie Rich to Ghost Rider - Spirit of Vengeance.
I don't usually brag, but I've tried them several times.
Their famousness makes them the perfect epitome of junk food.

The Twinkie is an individually packaged sponge cake with a vanilla cream filling.
It was first introduced in 1930 by the Continental Baking Company.
At first it had banana cream, but during World War II bananas were rationed, and the company was forced to switch to vanilla cream.
Although vanilla is more popular, banana cream filling has also been restored as a Twinkie flavor.
At state fairs and such, people actually deep-fry Twinkies creating what The New York Times calls "something magical".
Unfortunately, I've yet to try this combination.

The cake itself doesn't really smell more than, well... Sponge cake.
The sponge cake is moist and the cream is creamy ;)
The cream has a nice vanilla tone with a citrusy after taste.
I like it. It's sweet and creamy and makes me feel unhealthy but at the same time very good.
Did I mention it's creamy?

I must talk about the box. Look at Twinkie the Kid. He's so happy that this blogg has survived for one year.
Yes, Twinkie the Kid is the official mascot for the Twinkie line of cakes.
He's riding the crap out of that Twinkie.
Which the manufacturers for some reason decided to point out is "enlarged to show detail".
You can just imagine fields and fields of free-range Twinkies beeing trained in by Twinkie the Kid.

It really is a "Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling".
Happy reading!

torsdag 13 september 2012

Reese's Whoppers Peanut Butter

Whoppers are like Maltesers, malted milk balls.
First introduced by Overland Candy Company in 1939, but under then name Giants.
They didn't get their signature name until 1947.
Available in several flavours and today I'll be testing the Peanut Butter version.
Opening the package gives you a faint scent of peanut butter.
You can almost not smell it, but it's there.

They are very crispy and it's fun to crush them with your teeth.
The peanut butter taste is there.
It's kind of subtle but that's still nice.
I liked them and I shared them with others that also liked them.
I you can get your hands on a package, I would recommend that you try them.

torsdag 6 september 2012

KitKat Royal Milk Tea

Royal Milk Tea is the Japanese version of the British tea.
It is basically tea (hot or cold) with loads of sugar and milk.
Despite it pretending to be British, it has nothing to do with British tea.
It is totally a Japanese invention and is, from what I've heard, supersweet.
Enough to give you sugar disease?

Well, anyway... This is KitKats version of the beverage.
Not having tasted actual Royal Milk Tea from Japan, I can't really judge if it is similar or not.
But I can still give you my verdict about it.

It's based on white chocolate and on opening the bag, it smells a lot like tea.
Does it taste like tea? Yes, it has a faint taste of tea hiding in a mix of sweetness.
Yes, it's very sweet. Almost to much.
But, it's a fun combination that lingers in your mouth for a while.