torsdag 30 augusti 2012


Ok, this will probably be a boring post...
But I'm on vacation in Spain, so I don't care :)
Anyway... First introduced by The Hershey Company in 1978.
Since 1987 peanut-flavored crisp has been the main flavoring agent.
Whatchamacallit i short (made up?) for "What you might call it".

It has a peanuty smell, probably because it's peanut flavored.
About the crisp, I don't really like crisp, but it's edible.
It has a mixed taste of caramel, peanut and chocolate.
Not bad, just kind of straight-forward.

Let's hope I can find something more fun and/or interesting in Spain.

torsdag 23 augusti 2012

Japp Hazelnut [Limited Edition]

Sweden is starting to get it.
Chocolate should come in lots of different flavors and special/limited editions.
The regular Japp consists of chocolate marange and soft fudge covered in milk chocolate and it has been the same since it was released in 1947.
It was originaly supposed to be called Japs, which was short for Japanese during World War 2.
Thankfully they chose to drop the S and use another P.
Anyway, this isn't about the original Japp, this is about the Limited Edition with hazelnut.

Everyone likes Hazelnut?
The correct answer is: Nutella is made from hazelnuts...

It doesn't really smell like hazelnut, I think the chocolate is the prominent smell here.
It tastes like the regular Japp, but it also has a nutty flavor and an after taste of Nutella.
It's really a great and lovely taste.
There's nothing more to say, if you can get your hands on this version of the Japp, do it...
Buy as many as you can. They are really good.

torsdag 16 augusti 2012

Estrella Loud & Tasty Cheese Burger Potato Chips [Limited Edition]

Well, someone at Estrella decided to go all-out with these.
Usually, potato chips in Sweden are pretty standard.
Sourcream and onion, pepper, salt... That kind of thing.
But these, they are adventurous.
Promising a smell and taste of freshly made cheese burgers.
Will they live up to the hype?

Well, i think so?
I don't really know how chips with cheese burger flavour is supposed to smell and taste.
Opening the bag, there is a kind of burnt smell filling the room.
It sure doesn't smell like McDonalds och Burger King.
It's not really pleasant and it lingers for a long time.
But what about the flavour?
There is a disctinct cheese burger flavour... Kind of like McDonalds cheese burgers.
But there is also something burnt in the flavour. Same as the smell.
This makes them not so tasty.
They are fun to try, but a few chips are enough for me at least.

torsdag 9 augusti 2012

Toffee Yogurt With Toffee Sprinkles

Back in June, I wrote about a yogurt with toffee popcorn in it [Toffee Popcorn Yogurt].
As you know, I didn't really like it.
And now I'm sitting here with another weird yogurt (ok, there's no popcorn in it, but still weird), trying to decide if it's breakfast or desert...
There's toffee in this one too.

It's Toffee Yogurt with Toffee Sprinkles and it's, you guessed it, weird.
It smells like candy and sugar and toffee and more sugar!
And it looks, well... You can see for yourselfs.
But what about the taste? It's not yogurt, that's for sure...
It's tastes more like pudding. Supersweet toffee pudding.
The toffee sprinkles are nice, they are kind of crunchy and adds more depth to the creation.
In the end I can confirm, that this is not a yogurt, but a desert.

torsdag 2 augusti 2012

Oreo Soft Cookies Lemon Ice Cream

I love the fact that someone came up with the idea of combining Oreo cookies and ice cream.
I've written about ice cream Oreos before: Oreo Green Tea Ice Cream.
Those had expired and didn't really taste anything.
Let's see if these taste better shall we?

Oreos generally comes in a hard cookie type but there are also soft cookie versions available.
This is one of the latter, with two soft cookies and lemon ice cream cream in the middle.

The texture of the soft cookies, is of course, more chewy than the hard ones.
They actually smell like lemon ice cream, maybey a bit chemical.
They taste lemony, but not really like lemon ice cream.
It's more like lemon water or something like it.
Still the taste is good, but the aftertaste... Not as good.
It tastes like lemon cough drops and is pretty disgusting.
It also lingers in your mouth (troath) for a long time after you've eaten the cookies.

The packaging is pretty nice, not that special... But still nice.
So, points for scent and just trying a combination of cookies and ice cream, but not for taste.