torsdag 31 oktober 2013

Brach's Candy Corn

This is the real Halloween candy.
Or at least, the candy that is famous at Halloween.
You see it in movies, in TV-series and the likes.
They are as famous as Halloween itself.

According to the package.
Each year Americans consume enough candy corn to circle the earth 4.25 times.
That is crazy and a little bit scary (hey, it is Halloween).
Funny enough, they are made in Mexico.

The packaging is kind of nice, orange is an Halloween color.
And it is nice to be able to see the candy.
Because the colors of the candy is awesome.
A yellow top, orange center and a white bottom.
Corn never looked this good.

Strangely enough they are not made with sugar, but with (real) honey.
They smell like, well, candy corn i guess.
I am not sure if I have smelled something similar before.
They are pretty chewy and that is nice.
The honey gives them a weird taste actually.
Or maybe there is something else.
What I am trying to say (write) is that they taste weird.
Like honey mixed with other unnamed flavors.

I must say, I am a bit disappoint.
I do not understand what all the fuzz is about.

Have a scary Halloween! < insert satanical laughter >

tisdag 29 oktober 2013

KitKat Pumpkin Pudding

I do not think I have ever eaten pumpkin pudding.
But there is a first for everything.
And now I get to do it in Japanese chocolate style.
Most people would not really be scared of a chocolate bar.
Much less a KitKat?

But, come on... Just look a that pumpkin on the bag.
He has created a kind of symbiosis with the chocolate.
And he is a really evil dude.
Those kids in the corner disappeared after I took the picture.
He ate them, right of the package.
His buddy, the "friendly" ghost, repainted the whole package black.
Inside the bag there are different small packages of KitKat.
All depicting kids with different Halloween costumes.

The chocolate is milk chocolate based.
It does not really smell like anything but chocolate.
Come to think of it, what does pumpkin in chocolate smell like?
I do know what pumpkin should taste like, and it is nothing like this.
The coconut flavor is overwhelming.
Maybe it was not coconut?
Maybe it was poison?
Damn you evil pumpkin!
And your ghost to!

torsdag 24 oktober 2013

Halloween Nuggets

These have haunted my fridge for what feels like an eternity.
I finally got tired of the moaning.
It was really making the other foods distraught.
So I thought... It will be Halloween soon.
Why not eat some zombie chicken nuggets?

Judging from the box, the scarecrow watches over the zombie chickens until they are ripe.
He loves his job. Why would he not?
He gets to kick zombie chickens around all day.
I guess his master in the castle has a craving for zombie chickens.
Who here does not have such cravings?
The cat looks a bit embarrassed, maybe he walked in to the wrong box.

There are nine zombie chicken nuggets in the box.
All shaped like objects of Halloween.
We have six ghosts, two pumpkins and a bat.
The bat is my favorite.
He is the king of the Halloween nuggets.

Really, they are just regular chicken nuggets.
They smell and taste like regular chicken nuggets.
So there is nothing to worry about.
Except, they are zombie chicken nuggets!
Who wants to eat you!
Eat or be eaten!

tisdag 22 oktober 2013

Ghostbusters Slimed! Energy Drink

Even ghost hunters needs some extra energy sometimes.
Even if they have a cool pimped out ambulance called ECTO-1.
I am of course, talking about Ghostbusters.

I grew up with the films and TV-series.
And I really love them.
I know Slimer did not get that much screen time in the movies.
But as I can remember, he had more time in the series.
A nasty but friendly ghost.
Why should he not get his own energy drink?

The can is lovely. There he is, his nasty self.
Of course I could not get a good picture of the liquid.
Because it is really green. A lot like slime.

Suspicion soon arose when i noticed it smells just like an ordinary energy drink.
It also taste just like any other energy drink.
That made me sad.
But, then I remembered its green color.
And I can finally say... I got slimed!

torsdag 17 oktober 2013

Dried Blood

Yesteryear I started Halloween by writing about Blood Energy Potion.
Well, I saved some of it and dried it into these blood drops.
Since then they have lurked in the back of my pantry collecting ominous energy.
And this year long wait, has made me tired.

They are supposed to have a fruit punch/cherry flavor.
And they sure do smell like cherries. Bloody cherries!
The dried blood has a hard shell and a chewy center.
Like biting through a bone.

I do not know if they taste of cherries.
There is a fruity flavor, but not much cherry.
I am not a big fan of this type of candy.
So these were pretty, meh.

torsdag 3 oktober 2013

Pepsi Twist

This was my first try at a Pepsi with a different flavouring than just ragular cola.
It was kind of a big deal for me when it first came out.
As i recall, it was sadly only on shelfs for about a two years.
But, now I have found a store that sells them.
It is a German version, but I guess it will be the same.

The Pepsi Twist is a cola flavoured Pepsi with a twist of lemon flavouring.
It still has the same dark colour.
The can is great! It is black with the 90s-looking "Twist" logo.

It has a distinct smell of lemon but hardly any regular Pepsi smell.
I actually sat and smelled it for a while before taking a sip.
It has such a nice and fresh flavour.
The cola and lemon complete each other very nicely.
It is as if you would have a tall cold glass of Pepsi filled with lemon wedges.
I really like this version of Pepsi.