torsdag 20 november 2014

Pepsi Black Lemon

The holidays are rapidly approaching. Ho Ho Ho!
And to make room for all the nice Christmas food and candy I have decided to try something odd.
A Pepsi soda from Japan with less sugar?
Yes, you read that correctly. Not sugar free, just less sugar.

This Pepsi is marketed as a more adult soda.
Supposedly it has 50% less sugar than regular Pepsi.
And this sounds alright to me.
Regular sodas have lots and lots of sugar, which is not really that good.
I like the design of the bottle. It is very "adult".
The checkered background is nice and the black/white/yellow colour scheme is sweet.

It smells like regular Pepsi but with a hint of lemon, kind of like Pepsi Twist.
The taste is where things take a turn for the more weird.
It has a taste of cola, but more bitter.
You can really tell there is less sugar.
Maybe bitter is not the right word. It is bitter, but it is also sweet.
It is kind of like a dark sweet beer but more towards a soda.
Like I said, weird. I takes a lot getting used to.
After a while the lemon hits your mouth and it is even more bitter.
No sweet lemon here.
And you know what, in the end, I like it.
It is not something you are used to, but it is pretty good.

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