tisdag 30 oktober 2012

Vampire Bleeding Candles

Saw these in a store and thought to myself.
These look awesome. These look Halloweeny.
I had to buy them despite the fact that they were a bit expensive.
But come on... Bleeding candles!

They look like regular candles, but inside they are carrying something more sinister? Lightning them is no problem at all.
It takes a while for the white wax to disappear so we can get to the "blood" part.
You see, this is a very sinister contraption.
The white wax is not dripp but the red wax, hidden within dripps like theres no tomorrow.
You are left with a pretty dramatic scenery. Almost like blood from a real wound.
One remark is that when the red mixes with the white you get pink.
And pink is no blood colour.

Below are pictures of the effect:
Happy Halloween!


Scary skulls with liquorice/raspberrie flavouring.
I like these everyday of the year, but at Halloween they're something special.
I'm almost afraid to open the bag (even if the skull on the packaging looks a bit baked).
But Halloween is no time to be afraid.
At Halloween you have to embrace your fears.

Upon opening the bag I'm meet with a smell of liquorice and a fainter smell of raspberries.
I could hear manical laughing from the bag, or maybey it was just the tv?
I reached into the bag and pulled two skulls from it.
My fingers were still intact.

The skulls have a perfect mix of liquorice and raspberrie-flavour.
The taste goes from salty to sweet in seconds.
These should be in everyones mouth at Halloween.

lördag 27 oktober 2012

Halloween Muffins

Halloween is the time for candy. Candy and pastries.
Now, these are some haunted muffins.
Many ghosts died to bring us these muffins.

They are regular muffins filled with scary chocolate chips.
And drenched in bloody icing.
Each one of them has a white chocolate ghost guarding them.

Can you hear them calling out? Eeeeaaat uuuus! Eeeeaaat uuuus!
At first we were to scared to eat them.
Bu we knew we had to. We had to overcome our fears.
After all, they are only pastries... Aaaargh! One of them bit me!
Heh, only kidding. I was the only one doing the biting.

The muffins are nice, very moist.
And the chocolate chip is the right amount of cocoa.
Both the bloody icing and the white chocolate ghost tastes sweet and complete the muffins.

Our stomachs feel haunted now...
It tickles.

torsdag 25 oktober 2012

Scary Halloween Chocolate Selection

Here's a chocolate selection even the most vile monster would find sweet.
The cover on the box is awesome.
It's got most things halloween.
Everything from evil pumpkins, ghosts to spiders and their webs.
They even got Dracula and his(?) haunted mansion.

The bottom part of the box, turns into a scary mask with little time and effort.
The mask is supposed to be the Wolfman, but i think he looks more happy than scary.
Maybey he liked the chocolate alot.
Will I like the chocolate too?
Ohh, there's also two creepy glow-in-the-dark stickers.
They are awesome and will be put to good use at work.
I like the idea of combining candy and toys.

The box contains 13 pieces of chocolate bonbons(gah! Friday the 13th!) with pumpkin wrappers.
It also contains 5 "bugs", 2 featuring Dracula, 2 skeletonish and 1 spider.
They all smell like regular german chocolate.
The pumpkin bonbons are either filled with sour red cherry or green apple flavoured filling.
I love these, they are really good.
The bugs are all regular chocolate.
I didn't love these, but they are still ok.

tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Blood Energy Potion

Halloween is upon us. Insert manical laughter!
Today I choose to be a vampire. A tired vampire.
I need to suuuck your blooood! You're blood energy potion?
This energy potion is supposed to have the same nutritional content as natural blood.
I'm not to sure about that, but let's try it out.

First of all, the bag looks lovely.
Just like an intravenous bag (well almost).
And the liquid itself is nice.
I think it looks a least close to real blood.

But i don't think real blood smells this fruity.
Yes, the "blood" is fruit punch flavoured.
It has a strange fruity scent that I can't place.
But the taste, it's like mango and raspberries blended together.
If this is what blood tastes like, sign me up for vampire land!

And for all of you real vampires out there who wants to try it, it has absolutely no garlic in it.

torsdag 18 oktober 2012

Fanta Super Fruits Mix [Limited Edition]

From Japan (where else) comes the Fanta Super Fruits Mix.
A bold mix of fruits and flavours.
This is a limited edition Fanta with Acerola, Passionfruit, White Grape, Green Sweet Apple, and Grapefruit.

I was hesitant to try it at first.
You see, I don't really like it when you mix lots of fruits into one single juice/soda.
Mostly, the flavours doesn't mix well and you get something that doesn't taste very good.

But this one is from Fanta and has both vitamin C and E, so it should be good?
I carefully opened the bottle. I wanted to expose myself to its scent from the start.
And what a scent it is. Or should i say scents.
It doesn't smell like one thing, but several things and at different times.
The first whiff might smell sour, the second sweet, the third... Something else completely.
It's a really cool feature and it makes me eager to taste it.

The packaging... Is kind of trippy, lots of different fonts and colours and fruits and such.
Not a favourite but I still like it.
And the coulour of the drink is just awesome.
I can only describe it as vitamin-tablet-yellow.

So, how does it taste?
Well, the taste is kind of like the smell. It alternates.
The first swig is sour, the second sweet... You get the picture.
It's both good and bad at the same time but not at the same time.
Unfortunately it doesn't end there.
The flavours starts mixing and you get what i described above.
Something not so tasty.
At least I was happy about it for a while and I would definently recommend it.

måndag 15 oktober 2012

Starbucks Apple Crunch Latte

What's this? An update on a monday?
Well, I'm just that generous.

I was at Starbucks during the weekend.
And I knew I had to try their new latte.
The Apple Crunch Latte.
I know some of you would not call this "coffee" but that's just the way it is.

First of all, we ordered a small cup and the thing is still huge (go Starbucks!)
It doesn't really smell like apples, maybey a little.
It smells more "sweet". Probably the (apple)caramel swirl.

The (apple)caramel flavour is a bit bitter and the coffee flavour is a bit sweet.
I know it should probably be the other way around.
The coffee being bitter and the (apple)caramel being sweet.
But there's something weird about it because that's what the different flavours it tastes like.

There's also a hint of cinnammon flavour which is nice.
The crunch doesn't taste anything but it's a nice addon to the whole of the beverage.
It's kind of like space food, because all in all, it tastes like drinking an apple cake with a coffee on the side.
After a few swigs, the content is starting too look pretty bad, but it's still good.

torsdag 11 oktober 2012

KitKat Cinnamon [Limited Edition]

Cinnamon is hardly used in Japanese cooking.
So it's a surprise to see a KitKat with cinnamon flavouring.
But hey, in Japan, all flavours are fair game.

Personally i like cinnamon flavoured candy.
Not necessarily the spicy version, but also regular cinnamon flavour.
Anyway, this is a white chocolate based KitKat with small sprinkles of cinnamon.
It smells alot like cinnamon, a rich nice scent.
Kind of makes me want to use it as a room freshener.
It's that strong.

The sprinkles are crunchy and tastes alot of cinnamon.
I think the the KitKat is perfectly balanced, between the sweetness of the chocolate and the spiciness of the cinnamon.
In other words, this is a great treat and I would like to try it again.

torsdag 4 oktober 2012

Mars Refuel

Ohh, man... This is a treat!
They used to sell this chocolate based drink in Sweden, between 2000-2002.
If my memory serves me right, they where called Mars Chocolate Drink then, but i might be wrong.
I liked it a lot, no scratch that... I loved it!
That's why I was very sad when they stopped selling them after 2002.
I went as far as contacting the manufacturer and the distributer about it, but no dice.

Fastforward 10 years. Picture the scene: Paris, France. A small stand selling crepes.
Myself, getting a craving for crepes and what do I see? A chocolate drink called Mars Refuel!
On the outside I was serious, like the grown up I am. But on the inside I was giddy like a child.
(Ok, I was giddy on the outside to... You got me.)

The drink wasn’t cheap mind you, but I had to have it.
I bought one, thinking I would find more (read: cheaper), but I couldn’t find anymore.
So, I was lucky enough to get one home only to find out a local store har started selling them.
But now I could get a 10-year-later-taste to see if it was as good as I remembered.

It sure smelled the same, like chocolate milk, Only sweeter and a bit fudgy.
The taste was so nice. I don’t know if it tasted the same but it was still so good.
It’s like drinking a liquified Mars bar. The chocolate drink is rich and sweet.
And it has a little more edge to the taste than other chocolate based drinks.

It was a great reunion and I’ll be sure to try it again.