torsdag 26 juli 2012

Snickers 3X Chocolate

A snickers I've never heard about? Yes indeed.
This one is for lovers of chocolate.
They are really aiming for chocolate here you see.
Chocolate flavoured nougat, chocolate caramel and peanuts wrapped in chocolate.
And then wrapped in a hideous wrapper.
I mean, it's just so blue and BOLD!
Inside we find two heavy chocolate bars, each enough to feed an army of small ferrets.
I would totally raise an army of small ferrets!
I could train them to get out and get me more candy.
The bars are the definition of chocolatey smell. It's almost obnoxious.
But not to a point where I wouldn't want to try it of course.

Like I said, the bars are heavy and a lot to chew.
Amongst the chocolate you can of course, taste the peanuts.
But the nougat and caramel is hiding somewhere deep inside and wants to cover their taste as much as possible.
You can still taste them, but I would have liked them to be stronger.
I didn't say it before, but I don't like the original snickers.
This one, I like more. But there is another...

torsdag 19 juli 2012

Pepsi Energy Cola

Yes, todays post is late... Sorry about that.
Pepsi Japan is officially aboard the energy drink bandwagon.
Now, Pepsi has made other energy drinks before...
But this one is cramed, not only with caffein but also with ginseng extract, arginine, guarana extract and royal jelly extract.
It looks just like a regular Pepsi, which is somewhat boring, but it's cola so it's cola coloured.
There's definitely a Pepsi kind of smell to it, but also a kind of fruity smell.
I don't know if I would call the taste good.
It's kind of like a regular Pepsi without it's fizz mixed with a little fruitiness.

I don't even know what the after taste is supposed to be.
It's not bad, just weird.
So, does it give you a buzz?
Not really, sure you feel more energetic, but it wears of pretty quickly.

torsdag 12 juli 2012

JuliSkum - Päronglass Och Cola

We're half past christmas and santa is sleeping sound at the north pole.
No wait, he's on vacation?
Yes, this year santa apparently decided he needed a vacation and went to the beach.
Just look at the packaging.
His jolly self at the beach, playing with a beach ball.
Even santa suffers from the greenhouse effect.

I've written about marshmallow santas before.
They are very popular at christmas time in Sweden. [JuleSkum Polka 2011]
This time however, they are flavoured mor like summer:
Pear ice cream and Cola.

The green one is obviously pear ice cream.
And it smells kind of like pear ice cream, but more artifical.
These where actually ok, with a sweet taste of pear.
They don't really taste like ice cream though...

And the brown one is cola flavoured.
It kind of smells like Coca-Cola, but tastes more like Igloo ice cream.
I don't usually like marshmallow santas, but these tasted a lot better.

torsdag 5 juli 2012

KitKat Le Lectier Pear [Limited Edition]

Le Lectier Pears is a speciality from the Niigata area of Japan.
They are (apparently) known for their smooth texture and intense fragrance.
I can't remember if I've tried the pear itself, so I can't confirm.
It's a white chocolate based KitKat and it not being coloured makes it close to the same colour as the pear itself.
It smells really artificial and with a little research i found out the scent is artificial.

But the taste is supposed to be natural and sure, it taste kind of like pears.
It whould have been fun to have a real pear and compare tastes.
But unfortunately I couldn't find one.
It's still an ok KitKat and it being limited makes it even better.