torsdag 28 februari 2013

7-Up Cherry

I am a huge fan of 7-Up.
It has a nice refreshing lemon/lime taste to it that makes it just perfect.
I prefer it to Sprite or other cheap versions.
I also am a huge fan of cherries.
Cherries are great, they have a round sweet taste that goes together with most things.
So naturally, I should like 7-Up Cherry?

First of all, I think they nailed it with the can.
I think it is perfect, nice cherry graphics and colours.
Therefore I was a bit disappointed that the beverage itself was not "cherry coloured".
I would really have liked it to to be that instead of just regular see-through coloured.

I was more thrilled to find out that it smells like cherries... A lot like cherries.
I love the smell of cherries.
It tastes lovely too.
A sweet taste of cherries mixed with the regular taste of lemon/lime.
Although this was a great beverage, I must say I prefer the original version.

torsdag 14 februari 2013

Plopp Kärlek

Today is Valentine's day.
A time for love and togetherness or compulsive eating/gaming.

Plopp has been around since 1949 and the original flavour is chocolate filled with toffee.
It is a very nice and sweet piece of chocolate.
Now, there is a version that is suited for Valentine's.
Kärlek means love in Swedish.
It is toffee flavoured with raspberry jelly white truffles with bits of raspberry.

I am a bit disappointed with the smell.
It is a very chemical smell.

But the taste, the taste is very nice.
It is a mix of sweet raspberries and the thick flavour of truffles.
I do not know if the flavour is the flavour of love, but it is still nice.

I want to wish my sweet girlfriend a lovely Valentine's! Love you!

tisdag 12 februari 2013

Oreo Mini Chocolate Bars - Strawberry

If you work a lot (and do not have time to update your blogg), you need energy.
And what better way to get energy than with Oreos?
But not the cookie version.
No, this is a chocolate bar version from Japan.

This chocolate bar is stuffed with bits of strawberry, Oreo icing and crushed cookies.
The packaging is very Oreo-ish but with a nice red tone.
It is clean, I like it.
There is a distinct smell of strawberrys.
The smell is very sweet and lovely.

The chocolate itself is a bit more bitter than regular milk chocolate.
I do not know if i like this or not.
But the filling, the filling is nice.
It is very crunchy and sweet.