torsdag 28 november 2013

Roast Turkey & Chestnut Stuffing Hand Cooked Potato Crisps

Another one? This is not like me.
But it is thanksgiving and i though I should be generous and share.
Thanksgiving is all about the food.
And a must is roast turkey with stuffing.

I do not ever think I have had turkey crisps before.
Nor chestnut flavored for that matter.
But why not?
The bag is kind of, well basic.
It has a nice picture, but that is about it.

They do actually smell a bit like turkey, but not like chestnuts.
The crisps are very crispy and have a nice roasted flavor.
They do not really taste like turkey (or chestnuts).
More like roasted meat.

Have a great thanksgiving!

Brie & Cranberry Hand Cooked Potato Crisps

Thanksgiving you say?
Well, then I say... Cranberries!
No thanksgiving dinner is complete without cranberries.
I do not really know the importance of brie.
Maybe they go hand in hand together?
I should try it for real.

I do not know what they smell like, regular potato crisps?
There is nothing distinct about the smell.
But the taste. They are very sweet.
Cranberries are sweet, but they are also sour.
Maybe it is the combination with the brie cheese that makes them so sweet.
Maybe it is just the food additives.

torsdag 21 november 2013

Cap'N Crunch's Cinnamon Roll Crunch Cereal

Before we begin with all this Christmas business.
I need some breakfast.
And why not some really "healthy" cereal?
This is not my first time trying Cap'N Crunch's cereal.
More reviews are sure to come.

Some people eat cereals for breakfast, some eat cinnamon rolls.
And why not combine the two?
This cereal is supposed to infuse the taste and sensation of eating cinnamon rolls.
From the cinnamon taste to the creamy frosting.

Upon opening the package, the room is filled with a nice cinnamon roll scent.
It is almost like you just took some newly baked rolls from the oven.
Filling a bowl with cereal and some milk made the cereal crackle a bit.
They are pretty nice and tastes a lot of cinnamon.
Although I can not taste the frosting, it is almost like eating cinnamon rolls.

söndag 17 november 2013

Saturnus 1893 Med Smak Av Hallon & Lakrits

We are now halfway between Halloween and the Christmas season.
And what better way, than to celebrate with a kind of hybrid.
I have written before that mulled wine is a big part of Christmas here in Sweden.
And mulled wine is what we have here.
But for some reason it is flavored with something I wrote about on Halloween last year.
Hallon-Lakrits-Skallar. Or Raspberry Licorice Skulls in English.
Yes, this mulled wine is flavored with a Halloween candy (sort of).
I do not really know what went through their heads when creating it.
But it must have been both something sinister and jolly.

The packaging is pretty standard.
The company, some text and the aforementioned candy at the bottom.
Nothing fancy.
The liquid is a very dark red color.
And has a smell of regular mulled wine but also a hint of raspberry and licorice.
It is quite weird. Because it is nothing you would expect from mulled wine.
But what about the taste? Is it more jolly than sinister?
Well, no. It is very strange.
There is of course the taste of regular mulled wine.
But also a strong taste of candy, raspberry/licorice candy.
It is a bit to sweet actually.

Now I think I have to go watch Nightmare Before Christmas.
It is also an hybrid och Halloween and Christmas.

torsdag 7 november 2013

Mountain Dew White Out

Mountain Dew White Out was the final victor of a flavor testing in 2009.
Out of the three finalists, this was the one most voted by testers.
And with good rights, because it is very nice.

White Out is a citrus version of the regular Mountain Dew.
I do like the can, it is very arctic.
Which is also the theme of the liquid itself.
Which is almost snow white.

It has a very nice light citrus smell that makes the whole room smell nice.
And the flavor? So refreshing.
Lots of citrus flavor, but not stingy or tangy.
Just nice and refreshing citrus flavor.
One of my favorites.