torsdag 31 januari 2013

Snickers Almond

Last week, there was no blog post.
I am in the middle of renovations, and I just did not have the time.
Anyway, I hope I can make you forget it with this snickers chocolate bar:

Snickers has been around since the 1930s.
Until 1990 it was namned Marathon in the UK.
But here, it has always been called Snickers
The original snickers has always consisted of nougat, peanuts and caramel with a chocolate coating.
But in this version, they have decided to replace the peanuts with almonds.
Was this a smart move?
Let us find out.

The wrapping is quite nice.
I like the light colour, although it could make you believe it was a Snickers with white chocolate.
It has a faint smell of almonds.
It is definently, not as sweet as the original.
And the almonds ate a bit more bitter than peanuts.

But this is good!
I always found the original Snickers to be to much, to sweet.
The almonds give it a more mature taste.

torsdag 17 januari 2013

Look o Look Candy Money

Have you ever dreamed of being so rich that you can eat money?
Well, actually I have not. Why eat money?
I am sure there are some people out there with such a dream.
And now that dream can come true.

Look o Look is a dutch company that makes that kind of crappy candy you find everywhere but really never buy.
Well, this time I could not help myself from buying something.
I payed real money for the privilege of eating candy money!

They come in the form of Swedish money.
Fifty and five hundred SEK to be precise.
Taking them out of the packaging gave me a feeling.
A feeling that I was rich, filthy rich.
But alas, I was fooled yet again.

The "money" is really thin but not that fragile.
It has a faint, faint, faint smell of sugar.
I guess they are made of rice papper, but I do not really know.
They have almost no taste at all.
But they melt kind of weird in your mouth.

torsdag 10 januari 2013

Milka Popcorn

It is a new year. A new unhealthy year.
At first i planned on making the first post for the year something extravagant.
But then I thought, why not start slow and progress from here.
This is not extravagant, this is a chocolate bar with popcorn.
A chocolate bar from Milka non the less.
Milka has been around for over a hundred years.
And was first created in Austria by a Swiss.

At first glance, it looks like rice chocolate.
You know, the kind with puffed rice in chocolate.
But it is so much better.
It it popcorn instead of rice.

The popcorn is of course farmed in the swiss alps.
Which are famous for there vast fields of popcorn.
Or something like that.

It has a regular smell of milk chocolate but there is also a smell of dry popcorn.
You know, like one-day-old popcorn.
I made that sound unpleasant, but it is not... Not at all.

The chocolate is very tasty and the popcorn make more chewy and crunchy.
You see, there are also parts of kernel in the mix.
And that is alright, it actually makes it better.
The popcorn is unfortunately not salted which makes them taste like, well, nothing.

This was an ok mix, but I would like for the popcorn to be salty.
That would have made this chocolate bar all that better.