söndag 2 december 2012

Ballerina Pepparkaka

We start the christmas season here at Candynstuff with the Oreo of Sweden... Ballerina.
Ballerina is made by Göteborgskex and is available in a couple of different flavours.
This is the christmas version and it it of course based on the classic Ballerina but with gingerbread filling.

The packaging has gotten a bit more christmasy.
There is snow everywhere and even some nice snowflakes.
And the Ballerina men/women are engaged in what looks like a snowball fight.
All in all, it is a nice package.
The cookies have also got a christmas overhaul.
The center is normally just round, but here it is star shaped, lovely.

They have a nice gingerbread scent making the whole room (or maybey just the area around me) smell like christmas.
The scent is definitely better than the flavouring.
The filling tastes nice, but does not really mix togheter with the cookie part.
They should have made the cookie part more christmasy.
It is still a good cookie and a must to try at christmas time.

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