tisdag 22 oktober 2013

Ghostbusters Slimed! Energy Drink

Even ghost hunters needs some extra energy sometimes.
Even if they have a cool pimped out ambulance called ECTO-1.
I am of course, talking about Ghostbusters.

I grew up with the films and TV-series.
And I really love them.
I know Slimer did not get that much screen time in the movies.
But as I can remember, he had more time in the series.
A nasty but friendly ghost.
Why should he not get his own energy drink?

The can is lovely. There he is, his nasty self.
Of course I could not get a good picture of the liquid.
Because it is really green. A lot like slime.

Suspicion soon arose when i noticed it smells just like an ordinary energy drink.
It also taste just like any other energy drink.
That made me sad.
But, then I remembered its green color.
And I can finally say... I got slimed!

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