fredag 5 december 2014

Saturnus 1893 Glögg Med Smak Av Delicatoboll

Yes, it is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
And you know what that means?
Time to sample some mulled wine (or Glögg as it is called in Sweden).
And this one is a weird one.
Like most things on this blog, now that I come to think about it.
Put nonetheless, it is Christmas and it is to be sampled.

Now, Delicatoboll is a very popular pastry in Sweden.
And I am quite fond of them.
But to put it as flavouring in mulled wine?
That seems a bit weird, even for my tastes.
The lable on the bottle is pretty much expected.
Since the Delicatoboll is packaged in similar colours.
It is very clean and neat and not very Christmasy.

It smells alot like Delicatoboll and that is, yes, weird.
Since it hardly smells like mulled wine at all.
And the taste, well, no. No, I do not like it.
It hardly tastes like mulled wine at all.
It has a supersweet taste and it is just to much.

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