söndag 21 december 2014

Apotekarnes Årsmust 2014 [Limited Edition]

Yes, they have started a new tradition.
Who are they, you ask?
Why the kind santas at Apotekarnes.
Here they are with a new special Christmas cordial.
What flavour is hidden in this years special?

The lable on the bottle looks the same as last year.
Except for the "2014", so nothing new here.
I would think that they at least could change the image on the lable or something.
I love that they have a real cork though.

The beverage smells like regular Christmas cordial.
At first i thought I tasted liqourice which was kind of weird.
Because I do not think cordial and liqourice go well together.
Up on checking the back of the bottle, I found out the secret flavour is orange.
And now that I know that it, of course, starts getting an after taste of orange.
Orange and cordial is a better mix.
And I really liked this one.
Your taste buds are a funny thing.

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