tisdag 9 december 2014

Pop Rocks Candy Cane

Sometimes you need a little explosion in your life.
And you can choose to make your own dynamite.
Which will probably land you in a padded cell.
And nobody wants that during the holidays.
Or you can turn to Pop Rocks.
I am gonna choose the latter.

And lo and behold, I found a Christmas themed version.
These are candy cane flavoured Pop Rocks.
And these are just what I need to get that Christmas jolt.
The packaging is perfect. It manages to be Pop Rocks and Christmas at the same time.
With a lovely red background and a nice green font.
With some Christmas trees and holly.
This packaging screams Christmas.

They have a faint smell of peppermint.
A little to faint for my tastes. I wanted more.
The taste is also somewhat dissapointing.
Theres is a very faint taste of peppermint.
Other than that, they just taste sweet.
The popping/explosion is the good part.
It is really powerfull and my mouth feels like an excavated cave.

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