torsdag 25 december 2014

Oreo Birthday Cake

Today is all about me, because it is my birthday.
Many people ask me if it is hard to have a birthday this close to Christmas.
But I do not mind. I like it.

I am not gonna ramble on to much today, I just do not have the time.
These are Oreo birthday cake flavoured cookies.
And they fit really good today do you not think so?
The packaging is pretty much standard Oreo but with a big birthday cake.
They are regular sandwich cookies.

They smell alot like cake frosting, as they should.
They are very sweet.
It is almost like eating nothing but frosting.
But hey, that is ok with me.
The sprinkles are neat and crunchy.
So, once again happy birthday to me!
And no, I did not try to win the tickets...

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