fredag 12 december 2014

JuleSkum Pepparkaka 2014

Yes! They are back.
The marshmallow Santas from Cloetta.
Who bathe themselves in different flavours every year.
Bringing delight to children of all ages.

Over the years we have had different flavours.
Candy Cane, Winter Apple and Butterscotch.
This year, they are gingerbread flavoured.

The packaging is pretty close to last years packaging.
The same brown colour, but with a gingerbread pattern.
Santa is still looking at the same gift.
He loves that gift. I wonder what is in it.

Anyway, opening the package reveals a nice gingerbread smell.
A really nice smell that makes me think of freshly baked gingerbread.
The taste is somewhat tamer.
They do taste like gingerbread, but I think it could be a more rich taste.
All in all, these are the best of the JuleSkum flavours.
Thankfully I got a second bag.

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