tisdag 2 december 2014

Gnaw Snowberry Drift

I am sitting here waiting for snow.
We usually do not get that much snow where I am.
But one can hope.
I want to get out there sledging in the slopes.
But I guess I am stuck here, eating some chocolate from Gnaw.

The lovely santas at Gnorfolk, have made us this Christmas chocolate bar.
This is a snow (white) chocolate bar filled with strawberry and honeycomb.
Gnaws packages are always minimalistic but always nice.
So is also the case in this instance.
A lovely red with a packaged A and a sledging squirrel?

The snow (chocolate) has a lovely smell of strawberrys.
Strawberrys are not really Christmasy to me, but they are red.
So I will let this one pass.
There is a thick strawberry flavour that melts well with the snow (white) chocolate.
And the honeycomb is sweet and crunchy.
All in all, a lovely Christmas treat.

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