söndag 7 december 2014

Flipz Gingerbread

Today is the second of advent and I am starting to feel pretty holly.
This weekend we decorated the Christmas tree and had a few bowls of mulled wine.
It got me thinking. Why not try something different?
And then I found these Flipz hidding under the Christmas tree.

Flipz are pretzels in different sizes and flavours.
Pretzels should need no further introduction.
And these are, as you guessed, covered in gingerbread flavoured chocolate.
The packaging is pretty awesome.
A gingerbread colour as a base and lots of small and giant snow flakes.
And just look at that happy snowman eating his own clothes.

They smell pretty much of gingerbread, but also of chocolate.
They are pretty crunchy, as they should be, and that is very nice.
The flavour is pretty heavy and it is more of the dark/bitter gingerbread flavour than the sweet.
I am not really fond of that type of flavour, but they were still pretty ok.

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