söndag 8 december 2013

Starbucks Orange Mocha

Like last Christmas, I went to Starbucks to sample their Christmas lattes.
But this year, I was deeply dissappointed.
The Gingerbread Latte and the Toffee Nut Latte was still on the menu.
There was only one new flavor. The Orange Mocha.
Now oranges are a big part of Christmas here in Sweden.
But still, I was expecting something else.
Still, one new flavor is better than zero new flavors.

It has a faint orange smell, mixed with the coffee-chocolate smell.
I do not know if the whipped cream and chocolate sauce really is necessary.
At first the taste is pretty nice, like a Terry's chocolate orange.
But after a few sips, the orange flavor takes a chemical turn.
And really assaults your taste buds.
It is to much, to sweet and to little Christmas.
I had to buy another beverage to get rid of the after taste.

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