torsdag 15 augusti 2013

PowerKing White Cola

Candynstuff has been on vacation and therefore it has been very quiet around here.
But now work has started again and what do you need then?
Yes, an energy drink.

Today I will be trying the Powerking White Cola.
Now, Powerking is a kind of generic energy drink.
But it still has some interesting flavour, like this one!

There is an ice cream in Sweden called Igloo, which is basically an cola flavoured popsicle.
The cola taste of the popsicle is really nice and this energy drink is very close to it.
It has a very faint scent of cola, but as always with energy drinks, the taurin scent takes over.

The can and fluid is very generic.
Yes it is White Cola but there could at least have been some more graphics on the can?
And the fluid should definetly be white, not see-through.

The flavour is pretty close to the Igloo popsicle.
It is a very nice flavour acctually, kind of smooth.
Not like most energy drinks.

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