tisdag 10 december 2013

Loka Pepparkaka

I know what you are thinking. Is he only gonna write about beverages this Christmas?
I promise you. There will be other stuff before Christmas Eve.
Now that that is out of the way, yes this is the third beverage on the Christmas list.
But this one is a weird one.
Gingerbread flavored mineral water.
I do not really like mineral water, but I will make an exception this time.

I must say, I am pretty proud of our Swedish brewery.
To try something like this. Cookie flavored water.
Well, why not? Let us try this jolly water.
The label promises us a wintery taste of gingerbread.
There are also some nice gingerbread trees, as well as some real ones on it.

Opening the bottle, you get that distinct gingerbread smell.
Since I had no gingerbread's in the room, it was a very weird feeling.
The taste is not as distinct as the smell, but it is definitely there.
And yes, drinking it is even more weird.
It was cool and all, but since i really do not like mineral water I will not try it again.

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