tisdag 17 december 2013

Hershey's Candy Cane Bar

Here we have the latest Christmas chocolate bar from Hershey's.
This is a white mint chocolate bar with bits of candy cane.
And it is very holly and jolly.
The packaging is very nice.
A plain snow white color with candy cane trimmings.
Simple, but yet, so elegant.

Upon opening the package, you are greeted with a very nice scent.
It is like the scent you get from an actual candy cane.
But in turbo mode. It is very lovely.
I think you could almost use it as a scented candle.

The flavor is very minty and the white chocolate is rich.
While the bits of candy cane are crunchy and makes the whole thing so much better.
Forget about putting out some milk and cookies for Santa.
This chocolate bar is the thing this year.
Santa will thank you with bigger and better presents.

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