söndag 15 december 2013

JuleSkum Knäck 2013 [Limited Edition]

You, knew these were coming.
Each year I write about the new marshmallow Santa flavor from Cloetta.
Last year it was Winter Apple and the year before that, Candy Cane.
But this year, the flavor is butterscotch.
Making butterscotch flavored candy is a common tradition in Sweden.
And that is why we have butterscotch flavored Santas this year.

The bag is pretty much the same as the previous two years.
Except its brownish color and Santa seem to be a bit larger.
The Santas are also the same as previous years, but they are now brown.

Upon opening the bag you notice a distinct butterscotch smell.
It is very nice and not as chemical as you would imagine.
The taste is also very much butter scotch, but perhaps not as distinct.
If I would have to choose between these Santas and "real" butterscotch candy.
The "real" candy would definitely win.

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