tisdag 3 december 2013

Peeps Gingerbread Flavoured Marshmallow Gingerbread Men

Wow, what a name. And it contains the word gingerbread twice.
These have to be more Christmas than Santa.
Peeps are marshmallow candies that comes in all shapes and flavors.
Theses are (you guessed it), gingerbread flavored.

The package is very nice.
Its graphics is a gingerbread house with a little window where the Peeps can peep at you.
The package contains six gingerbread men.
Some of my Peeps were not that well made and they look a bit weird.
But I will not let that ruin my Christmas spirit.

They have a very deep smell of gingerbread cookies.
Which is very nice. I like that smell.
They taste very much like gingerbread cookies.
Like soft versions of gingerbread cookies.
These really made my Christmas season better.

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