torsdag 12 december 2013

Gifflar Gingerbread

Enough with the beverages already. Time for some cake.
Some Austrian croissants to be exact.
Gifflar are a popular treat in Sweden.
With flavors ranging from cinnamon to vanilla to blueberry filling.
It is pretty hard to just eat one (or the whole bag for that matter).
Thus making them not so perfect for sharing.

As far as I can remember, these are new for this years Christmas season.
The bag is very nice, with a gingerbread brown and stars of icing.
There is also a very happy gingerbread on the box.
And you know why he is happy?
Because I bought this bag of course...
Now he is spared and gets to live out his long dream of traveling the world.

Gingerbread smell is the best is it not?
And this bag is full of it. It smells like a bakery in here.
It is not exactly like eating gingerbread cookies.
But it is close. The flavor is very very nice.
And I really starting to feel like Christmas in here.

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