torsdag 11 juli 2013

Fanta Mango & Passionfruit [Limited Edition]

I have only writen about Fanta once on this blog before.
But that must change, as I have tried lots of nice and special Fanta flavours.
And this is one of them.

A limited edition Fanta with mango and passionfruit flavour.
I like both mango and passionfruit, so this should be an easy fit.
I really like the can, except the Fanta world person, I do not like him.
Maybey because I absolutely hate that commercial.
The can has a nice representation of the flavour.
Purple for passionfruit and orange for mango (and orange juice, because there is lots of that in it).

The soda does not really smell like anything more than regular Fanta.
I would have liked a more mango smell, because that is really nice.
What about the taste?
Both the mango and the passionfruit flavouring is kind of tame.
On account of the orange juice.
Yes, it tastes the most of orange juice, but the other flavours are also there.
It is a really nice soda, but I can not help but wonder what the taste would have been without the orange.

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