söndag 1 december 2013

Sia Pepparkaka [Limited Edition]

Let us start this Christmas season with something chilly (get it?).
Ice cream is maybe something you would not normally associate with Christmas.
But this is special extra jolly Christmas ice cream.
This is gingerbread flavored ice cream.
The Santas at Sia Glass (glass = ice cream) has been very nice to us.
As far as I know, I have never seen or heard of gingerbread ice cream before.

The ice cream itself is actually gingerbread flavored.
And it also has bits of gingerbread for added merriment.
It is partially gingerbread colored, which is a shame.
I would have wanted it to be darker.
But one present is better than zero presents.

The package is kind of basic. But all packages of Sia ice cream is like this.
A white box with the Sia logo and the product in the middle.
Not that merry or jolly but it will do.
It has a nice smell of gingerbread.
It actually makes the room smell a bit and that is a first for ice cream.

This is good, so good. The flavor is so good!
Who would have thought that an ice cream flavored with gingerbread would be this good.
It is sweet and does not have that burnt flavor you sometimes get from gingerbread.
I hope they bring this one back.

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