torsdag 3 oktober 2013

Pepsi Twist

This was my first try at a Pepsi with a different flavouring than just ragular cola.
It was kind of a big deal for me when it first came out.
As i recall, it was sadly only on shelfs for about a two years.
But, now I have found a store that sells them.
It is a German version, but I guess it will be the same.

The Pepsi Twist is a cola flavoured Pepsi with a twist of lemon flavouring.
It still has the same dark colour.
The can is great! It is black with the 90s-looking "Twist" logo.

It has a distinct smell of lemon but hardly any regular Pepsi smell.
I actually sat and smelled it for a while before taking a sip.
It has such a nice and fresh flavour.
The cola and lemon complete each other very nicely.
It is as if you would have a tall cold glass of Pepsi filled with lemon wedges.
I really like this version of Pepsi.

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