onsdag 14 december 2011

Golden Oreo

Golden Oreos are like regular Oreos, but with a light cracker with vanilla flavor. These still has the regular vanilla filling, but I know there is one kind with chocolate filling out there.

They smell alot like Brago crackers (Brago is a cracker from Sweden Link to Wikipedia). And if it wasn't for the vanilla filling, I would, in a blind test, think they where Brago crackers. Because the taste is almost the same.

I like these, they taste great and i don't really like Brago crackers, so that's weird. I also tried to dip them in milk but that didn't do much for the flavor. Still, they're pretty good.

Also, they get a bonus for the pretty obvious "Enlarged to show detail" comment on the packaging (see picture). Made me chuckle.

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