torsdag 15 december 2011

JuleSkum Polka 2011

Ohh, i hate these types of foam candy. Everyone else seem to love them.
But i just don't like them. You chew forever, and in like 1 second the flavor is gone.
Trying to disguise them as christmasy things like santas and christmas trees doesn't help either.

But then i saw these, they are new for 2011, like you see in the name. Duh!
These have a Polka flavor (which is kind of like candy canes). And i knew I had to try them.
Surely these would rock my world?!

Nope, not at all... Sure the flavor is better, but it's still the same eternal chewing.
I still don't like these. And do they even look like santa? Ok, they do, kind of.

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