torsdag 5 juli 2012

KitKat Le Lectier Pear [Limited Edition]

Le Lectier Pears is a speciality from the Niigata area of Japan.
They are (apparently) known for their smooth texture and intense fragrance.
I can't remember if I've tried the pear itself, so I can't confirm.
It's a white chocolate based KitKat and it not being coloured makes it close to the same colour as the pear itself.
It smells really artificial and with a little research i found out the scent is artificial.

But the taste is supposed to be natural and sure, it taste kind of like pears.
It whould have been fun to have a real pear and compare tastes.
But unfortunately I couldn't find one.
It's still an ok KitKat and it being limited makes it even better.

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